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OSHA offers a wide range of OHS courses ranging from 2-hour briefings, one day HSR Refreshers & Overview workshops to 5-day Worksafe-Approved courses.

Trainers are highly experienced health & safety practitioners as well as being practical and experienced trainers.

We practice what we teach!

We are approved by WorkSafe Victoria to conduct our approved OHS programs without the normal face-to-face requirements.  (For public courses, we use either the new (security-upgraded) Zoom platform to conduct these courses.  For in-house courses conducted for specific organisations, we can conduct the course using the virtual conferencing platform preferred by the client.)

WorkSafe says this is only a temporary arrangement due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that approved delivery strategies and AQF competency requirements must continue to be met.

  • In accordance with sec. 68 of the OHS Act, HSRs are able to choose the course they wish to attend in consultation with their employer, including whether they participate in connected, real time delivery or face-to-face learning when it resumes after the COVID-19 period.
  • HSRs should not be expected to complete their usual workplace duties before or after they have attended training.
  • If a participant does not have the appropriate training resources, IT infrastructure and ergonomic work station prior to training commencing, we advise participants to defer attendance until face-to-face training is available.
  • HSRs need to be comfortable with their learning environment and participate in HSR training away from any workplace distractions.

Our Health & Safety Representative Initial OHS course is a practical and interactive course led by highly experienced trainers/ consultants.

CLICK HERE for details of Initial OHS programs and to ENROL

An interactive 1-day workshop providing an overview of new and/or recent developments with the Victorian OHS legislation and reviews the role, powers and rights of  HSRs.

A two day workshop to provide managers and supervisors with a clear overview of their duties and responsibilities, how to work with HSRs and explain the moral, legal, financial, industrial and reputational justifications of good OHS management.  (2 and 3 day programs are available for in-house presentations.)

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